To migrate to a version of the Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift)Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift), remove the old SDK and add the current one to your environment.

See Component Changes in the Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) for changes to make to your project to prevent build errors.

Remove the Objective-C Version of the SDK

Delete the listed Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift)frameworks and libraries to remove the SDK.

  1. On the General tab in your project, delete the AWSDK.framework from both the Embedded Binaries and Link Framework and Libraries areas.

  2. Open the Build Phases tab in the project settings of your application.

  3. Delete AWKit from your project.

  4. Delete AWlocalization from your project.

Add the Swift Version of the SDK

Add Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) frameworks and edit the locations of the listed calls to migrate SDK behaviors to the current version. If you do not edit the listed call locations, the UI behavior is inconsistent with the previous SDK version.

  1. Drag and drop the current AirWatchSDK framework and the AWCMWrapper file into your Link Binary with Libraries step in the build phase section of your project settings.

  2. Change the location of your StartSDK call. Call it in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method that is inside your application delegate class.

    In versions before the Workspace ONE SDK v17.x, you called awcontroller.start() within the applicationDidBecomeActive method.

  3. Build your project.

  4. Resolve naming differences and API differences that changed in the new SDK causing build errors.

Share Your Keychain

Share your keychain between the SDK applications so you can use all the SDK capabilities. See Keychain Access Group Entitlements.