Auto-update allows AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) to upgrade automatically to the latest version so Workspace ONE Express can continue to function smoothly.

While you are installing AirWatch Cloud Connector, by default, the auto-update check box is selected. It updates without any user intervention by querying Workspace ONE Express for newer versions of AirWatch Cloud Connector.


  • No requirement to determine manually if you must upgrade and then have to search for the latest version – the software does it for you.
  • Since it assures you stay updated, you always have the latest features, enhancements, and fixes.
  • Most importantly, it ensures that you have the most up-to-date security.

Update Process

AirWatch Cloud Connector auto-update is performed using the Bank1 and Bank2 folders inside the CloudConnector folder. Workspace ONE Express detects which of these folders is empty and streams into it the appropriate ACC files. Also, the update process empties the contents of the other folder. For the following update, Workspace ONE Express repeats the process except for the alternate folder. This process repeats each time a new version is auto-updated.

Important: Do not delete the Bank1 or Bank2 folders. The Bank1 and Bank2 folders are integral to the AirWatch Cloud Connector auto-update process.

This diagram illustrates how the update process uses two folders inside the CloudConnector folder by copying files into and out of these two folders for each successive update.

Auto-Update Security

AirWatch Cloud Connector auto-updates are performed with security in mind. The Workspace ONE Express Console signs every update and AirWatch Cloud Connector verifies it. It only updates itself with a signed and verified upgrade. The upgrade process is also transparent to the AirWatch Admin. AirWatch Cloud Connector knows when a newer version is available by querying the Workspace ONE Express Console on port 443. An upgrade only occurs after this newer version becomes available.

While AirWatch Cloud Connector is upgrading to the latest version, it is temporarily unavailable. Therefore, there is a short loss of service of approximately 1 minute. Customers with multiple AirWatch Cloud Connector servers benefit from Workspace ONE Express incorporating a random timer to direct the upgrade process. This random timer means that outages occur at different times. Such an arrangement ensures that all AirWatch Cloud Connector services are not down at the same time.

When the AirWatch Cloud Connector auto-updates, the version under Add or Remove Programs does not change. The original version is still listed. The version under Add or Remove Programs only changes when you run the full AirWatch Cloud Connector installer. The best way to verify if the auto-update succeeded is to look at the version number in the AirWatch Cloud Connector logs.