The Device Details page in Workspace ONE Express contains detailed information for a single device and grants access to user and device management actions quickly.

Access Device Details by selecting a device-friendly name from one of the available Dashboards, or by navigating to Devices > Details View.

The main page features several major sections.

  • Notification Badges – Displays the Compromised State, Enrollment Date, time Last Seen, and the Do Not Disturb setting for the selected device.
  • Summary – Displays details such as organization group, smart groups, phone number, serial number, UDID, asset number, power status, storage capacity, physical memory, and available updates.
  • Profiles – Displays all profiles such as installed (active), assigned (inactive), and unmanaged (sideloaded).
  • Apps – Displays all installed applications, both automatic apps and on-demand apps.
  • Updates – Displays a list of application and OS updates that apply to the selected device, including each installation status.
  • Location – If you have accepted the Third-Party Supplemental Terms of Use, you can select this tab to see the location of the selected device on a Microsoft Bing Map.
  • More – Displays other device details categories.
    • Security – Displays all the major security subgroups and their corresponding statuses.
    • Troubleshooting – Displays the Event Log and Commands listings including a filter and search capabilities, enabling you to perform troubleshooting on the device.

Device Details Dashboard

The dashboard shows you basic information such as the device type, device model, OS version number, ownership type, device action button cluster, and Recent List indicator.

Selecting the arrow buttons in the Recent List indicator changes the device in the Device Details view based on its position in the filtered List View.

Device Details Action Button Cluster

The device action button cluster enables you to perform common device actions such as Send [Message], Lock [Device], and More Actions. The Actions Button Cluster can be found in the upper-right corner of the Devices > Details View.

It can also be found in the Devices > List View when you select one or more devices from the listing.

Available Device Actions vary by platform, device manufacturer, model, and enrollment status, and the specific configuration of your Workspace ONE Express Console.