Before you install AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC), you must first enable it, generate certificates, and select the enterprise services and Workspace ONE Express services to be integrated. After completing this step, you can install ACC.

Important: Perform the following steps on the server running AirWatch Cloud Connector. Do not download the installation application onto another computer and copy it to the AirWatch Cloud Connector server.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Cloud Connector.
  2. Configure the following settings on the General tab.
    Setting Description
    Enable AirWatch Cloud Connector. Enable AirWatch Cloud Connector and display the General tab.
    Enable Auto Update. Enable AirWatch Cloud Connector to update automatically when a newer version is available.
  3. Configure the following settings on the Advanced tab.
    Setting Description
    Generate Certificates.

    Generate a certificate for the AirWatch Cloud Connector and Workspace ONE Express server. Certificates are generated for both and displayed under AirWatch Cloud Connector and AirWatch certificates.

    Once certificates are generated, the button changes to Regenerate.

    Enterprise Services Enable or deactivate Enterprise Services. The services you select (enabled) integrate with AirWatch Cloud Connector.
    • SMTP (Email Relay), AirWatch SaaS offers email delivery through its own SMTP.
    • Directory Services (LDAP/AD).
    AirWatch Services Enable or deactivate AirWatch Services. The AirWatch components you select (enabled) integrate with AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC). Consider leaving all services enabled.
    • Device Services (Admin Console and all services required for it to operate, including related Windows services).
    • Device Management (Enrollment, App Catalog, and related Windows services).
  4. Select Save.
  5. Navigate back to the General tab and select Download AirWatch Cloud Connector Installer.
  6. A Download ACC-Installer.exe screen displays. Enter a password for the AirWatch Cloud Connector certificate in the text box. The password is needed later when you run the AirWatch Cloud Connector installer.
  7. Select Download and save the AirWatch Cloud Connector x.x Installer.exe file on the ACC server.