Workspace ONE Express integrates with your organization's existing directory service – such as Active Directory including Azure AD, Lotus Domino, and Novell e-Directory – to provide directory-based account access. With directory services integrated, you can authenticate with apps and enroll devices using their existing directory service credentials.

Integrating with directory services eliminates the need to create basic user accounts for everyone in your organization. Integration can also help simplify the enrollment process for end users by using information they already know.

Ongoing LDAP synchronization detects any changes within the system and can automatically perform necessary updates across all devices for affected users. This ongoing synchronization also means that changes do not occur without required administrative approval.

Integrating Workspace ONE Express with your directory service provides many benefits.

  • Conduct an easy enrollment for both users and administrators.
  • Map directory groups to Workspace ONE Express user groups.
  • Control Workspace ONE Express Console access.
  • Apply existing credentials for VMware Content access.
  • Assign apps, profiles, and policies by user group.
  • Automatically retire end users when they go inactive.

The following sections explain how to integrate your Workspace ONE Express environment with your directory service of choice. The sections also describe how to add directory user accounts to Workspace ONE Express and how to integrate user groups with Workspace ONE Express.

Important: The Directory Service information presented in this guide has been designed for Workspace ONE Express customers. If you need details about any Directory Service element or concept, consult the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Directory Services Guide.