Configure the Workspace ONE mobile flows connector details from the console such as the connector name, public facing URl, and authentication type.


Complete the following actions before you can configure the mobile flows connectors from the UEM console.
  1. Purchase the VMware Workspace ONE mobile flows add-on. The Mobile Flows option is visible in the Content page only after you purchased the add-on.
  2. Configure the MobileFlows_Server_Template in Workspace ONE Access. For more information, see the Configure the MobileFlows_Server_Template in Workspace ONE Access.
  3. Provision customer tenant to mobile flows Cloud service.
  4. If you are configuring a connector with a service account authentication, you must know the service account credentials.


  1. Log in to the UEM console and navigate to Content > Mobile Flows > My Flows tab.
  2. Select New to create a new connector configuration.
  3. Select the Name text box and enter the name of the connector that you want to be displayed on the console and on the user's device.
  4. Select Discovery URL and enter the public facing URL for the connector that is deployed within your environment.
  5. (Optional) Enter the Base URL.
    The Base URL can be omitted depending on the connector being configured. For example, the base URL might be hard coded at the customer’s connector itself.
  6. Ensure that the Activate slider is set to On.
  7. (Optional) Select a label from the list of available categories under Category to categorize the connector.
    The label is used for informational purposes. For example, you can choose Workspace ONE Boxer to indicate that this connector can be made available for the Boxer app.
  8. Select the authentication type from the Authentication Type drop-down menu.
    The following different authentication types are available when the connector is enabled:
    • Service Account - Enter the service account credentials that the backend service is expecting the client to use.
    • Basic - User must enter their credentials.
    • OAuth 2.0 - User grants access when prompted on-screen.
    • Workspace ONE - No action required.
  9. Select Save.

What to do next

Once the mobile application fetches the connector details, the device users are provided with an option to enable or disable the mobile flows connectors from within the application.