Workspace ONE mobile flows connectors are services or components that work with the mobile flows server. Connectors can be configured to fetch user-specific information that enables Workspace ONE mobile flows to work with the configured user devices.

The connector is used to connect to the business system, request the data, and perform the interactions as requested by the client. The connector contains the logic for how the card must appear on the client. For example, a Salesforce card might be displayed in the Workspace ONE Boxer application where users can see important information and also take required action on Salesforce from the mobile flow card.

Types of Connectors

You can create your own connectors or customize the open-source sample connectors. You can also use the out-of-the-box (OOTB) connectors such as SalesForce and ServiceNow which are hosted on the VMware’s servers. :

  • Out-of-the-box-connector (OOTB) - VMware develops and configures or enables the OOTB connectors in the Workspace ONE UEM console. You can readily use the OOTB connector as no development or infrastructure is required.
  • Sample connector - VMware develops sample connectors. The connector is open-sourced so that the customer can deploy the default configuration or modify the connector to their use case requirements. Sample connectors require infrastructure to host the connectors.
  • Custom connector - You can use the mobile flows framework to build custom connectors. You can develop the connector and infrastructure is required to host the connector.