Out-of-the-box (OOTB) connectors are connectors to the business systems that are developed and hosted by VMware for specific use cases. You can add and configure the connectors to take advantage of the workflows.


You must have Workspace ONE UEM console version 1905 or later to use OOTB connectors.

Workspace ONE mobile flows must be enabled in Hub Services.


  1. Log in to the UEM console and navigate to Content > Mobile Flows.
  2. Click the Catalog tab to see the list of available OOTB connectors.
  3. Select the connector you want to add and click Add.
  4. Enter the following details in the Basic Information tab and click Next.
    • Name - Enter a name to identify your connector.
    • Base URL (Optional) - Enter the URL of the backend service of the mobile flows connector.
    • Activate - You can enable or disable this option. Disable the connector if you want to prevent all users from accessing the mobile flows information on their devices for this connector.
  5. (Optional) Select the Categories for the Use Case, Apps, Type and click Next.
  6. Select the Authentication Type and enter the Grant Type parameters.
    1. (Optional) Click the Show Advanced Options to enter the Token Server Hints and Token URI Body Parameters.
    2. Click Next.
  7. Select the Notification Method type to Poll or Push the notifications from the business systems.
    • Poll - The Workspace ONE mobile flows server polls the business systems every 1 hour to check for new notifications.
    • Push - If a business system supports a push mechanism, the mobile flows can generate an endpoint for the service to call when the notifications are ready.
    1. Select Poll and click Next to review the connector information added or select Push and select the Authentication Type from the drop-down. The Authentication Header and Client Secret information is auto-populated.
    2. Click Next.
  8. Review the connector information populated in the Review tab and click Submit to add the connector.


To check if your connector is added, in the UEM console, navigate to Content > Mobile Flows > My Flows. Modifications you make to the mobile flows connectors might take approximately 15 minutes to appear in the Hub Services console.

When the OOTB connector is enabled and configured, navigate to the Hub Services console and enable the mobile flows notifications. For more information, see the Enable Workspace ONE mobile flows Notification in Hub Services topic in the VMware Workspace ONE Hub Services guide. You must enable mobile flows in the Hub console to display notifications from mobile flows-configured business systems within the Intelligent Hub.