Configure the Zebra printer, with the URL associated with the Zebra print server which allows the printer and the server to communicate with each other.

Setvar are commands used to configure printer operating parameters to specified values. Since command codes and strings vary between printers, go to Zebra’s website, download the manual for the Zebra printer model, and find the list of command codes needed.

To configure the Zebra printer with the URL associated with the Zebra print server:

  1. Select Open Communications With Printer. The Direct Communication screen displays.

  2. In the Direction Communication screen, enter the Weblink location and command codes. The URL in this command is the URL pointing to the location of the Zebra endpoint.

    If any of the following are true, you may need to do more than the basic configuration. In such situations, refer to the Zebra documentation for more information on specific configurations and setvar commands.

    • The remote server that the printer connects to is outside the corporate firewall.
    • The firewall requires a username and a password to access the remote server.
    • The printer requires a proxy to access the remote server.
    • The firewall does not accept initial HTTPS connections (must be HTTP).

    The format of the basic configuration is as follows (the trailing / is required):

    ! U1 setvar “weblink.ip.conn1.location” 

  3. Turn off the printer and then turn it on to reset it.
  4. In the UEM console, navigate to Devices > Peripherals > List View. The Zebra printer appears online.