Latest Release - December 2021

What's in the Hub Services Release Notes

What's New in the December 2021 Release

Workspace ONE Experience Workflows OAuth2 Client Credential Reset

The Workspace ONE Experience Workflows page in Hub Services now provides an option to reset the OAuth2 credentials for the Workspace ONE Hub Services Connector. This reset mechanism should only be used in cases where you want to rotate the existing credentials which have already been configured.

Bookmark Your Enterprise Websites on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub with Hub Web Links  

Update: November 17. This feature is available now in the Hub web.

Users can bookmark their favorite website links in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. When Favorites and Web Links are enabled in the admin console, the Favorites tab will present a new section called Web Links where users can add, update, and remove website bookmarks. This feature will allow users to access all their saved enterprise bookmarks across Intelligent Hub platforms.

Note: This is currently not supported on all platforms.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Experience Workflows (Released November 4, 2021)

Workspace ONE Experience Workflows is a framework built within the Hub Services platform that connects between different business systems to orchestrate microapps that enable end users to quickly complete tasks. For example, users can quickly approve expense reports, requisition tickets, help desk tickets, and more all within the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application.

Workspace ONE Experience Workflows is integrated with Boomi and enables you to quickly configure out-of-the-box integration packs with commonly used business systems or you can utilize AtomSphere to build your own integration or customize an existing out-of-the-box integration pack. You’ll also be able to quickly deploy and host your integrations on the Boomi Atom Cloud to minimize your infrastructure requirements.

Note: There is a known issue where certain notification cards will not render line items on Intelligent Hub for Android. This affects integration packs for SAP Concur, Coupa, and ServiceNow. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming Android Hub release.

Add Links, Images, and Videos to Notifications through the Notification Builder

Admins can now add links, images, and videos to notifications created through the Notification Builder on the Hub Services admin console. When defining the content of a notification, admins can select either an image or video as the media type to be displayed as a banner in the notification card. Admins can also configure up to 10 links inside a notification card. The notification preview will reflect how the notification card will look when these elements are added.

Web Clips with Lookup Values are Now Supported in Hub

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app catalog will support launching web clips configured and deployed with lookup values in Workspace ONE UEM.  

The Workspace ONE UEM version must be UEM v21.09 or later.

Pre-Hire Prompt to Install Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub App

Pre-hire users who are using Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub via a web browser for onboarding will start seeing a banner prompting them to install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub native app. This will take the user through the process of installing the app and getting logged in.

This feature is enabled by default, if you do not want your pre-hire users to see this banner, you can disable it on the Onboarding templates page using the “Hub Install Promo Banner” setting in the Hub Services console.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will allow End-User Choice for Dark Mode
Dark mode on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub iOS, Android, and web browser will now honor the end user’s device setting. Admins no longer have to enable or toggle on dark mode in the Hub Services admin console for users to view Intelligent Hub in dark mode.
To provide end-users with the best dark mode experience that aligns with your company's branding, admins should configure their company dark mode logo and accent color in the Hub Services Branding page. If admins do not set up the dark mode assets in the Hub Services console, Intelligent Hub will display the default Intelligent Hub dark mode logo and accent color.

See KB Article 85581.

Digital Badge service dropped support for CCure version 2.7 and now supports CCure version 2.8
To use the Digital Badge service, ensure that you are using CCure version 2.8. Admins should navigate to the Digital Badge page in the Hub Services console and update CCure configuration details to include Client ID and Client Version.

Introducing Hub Services Roles Based Access Control  

Hub Services Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) allows admins to assign roles to different stakeholders and manage their access permissions to the Hub Services admin console. Hub Services RBAC supports 5 pre-defined roles that admins can assign to user groups:

  •     Super Admin
  •     Auditor
  •     Notification Admin
  •     Notification Creator
  •     Notification Auditor

Assign notification specific roles to stakeholders who can help manage your corporate communication by sending out notifications to users on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Employees in teams like Marketing or HR who want to inform employees about important company news such as an upcoming all-hands meeting or open enrollment benefits can be assigned a restricted role that grants them permission to create and send notifications.

Dark Mode available on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Web

Dark Mode is now supported on the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub web browser. When Dark Mode is enabled on the admin console and your desktop OS system setting is set to dark mode, you can browse Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub web in a dark theme view. 

Passport rebranded as Digital Badge

The Passport service will be renamed to Digital Badge service. The admin console and user mobile experience will be updated to state “Digital Badge”. The current functionality of the feature remains unaffected.

Updates Section in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub App Catalog  

To inform users of applications that have available updates, admins can add an Updates section to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app catalog. Users can navigate to the Updates section to view and update applications with available updates. To enable this, admins can go to the App Catalog page in the Hub Services admin console and add “Updates” as a section.  

Note: This is currently not supported on all platforms. Updates section will first be available on iOS version 21.07.

Employee Self-Service Tab for Windows Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

When Employee Self-Service is enabled on the admin console, Windows Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will display a tab for it. From the Employee Self-Service or Support tab in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, users can access resources and information in the Helpful Links section and view and manage their devices.

Note: This will be supported on Hub for Windows version 21.07.

Enable Dark Mode for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Admins can enable dark mode on the Branding page of the Hub Services console for the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app. When dark mode is turned on, admins can also define a dark mode theme by uploading a company logo and selecting an accent color suitable for dark mode. The branding preview will reflect how the dark mode changes will look on each Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub platform. Users can browse Intelligent Hub in dark mode if dark mode is enabled on the Hub Services console and in users' device settings.

Note: Dark Mode with branding support will first be previewed on Hub 21.06 for iOS. Using a TestFlight version of iOS Hub 21.06 will allow you to test this functionality.

Exclude Pre-Hire Audiences When Sending Out Notifications
When sending out notifications, you might not want to send certain communications to pre-hire audiences and groups. We’ve now added an easy option in the Hub Services notification builder to exclude users in the pre-hire group from receiving the notification.

Hub New Hire Welcome Page Can Now Support Images
We know a picture is worth a thousand words so we’ve added the ability to upload images and screenshots in the new-hire welcome page in addition to the new-hire step instructional text. This helps ensure users have visual aids on any new-hire configuration steps they need to perform.

App Approval Justification Field for Windows Hub

Hub Services implemented support for an app approval justification field flow as a Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub App catalog capability for Windows. When an end-user requests an app that requires approval from the Catalog tab, the user will be prompted by a modal to submit their business justification reason in the field provided.

Note: This will be supported on Hub for Windows version 21.05

Updated Support for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Windows Favorites and App Catalog tabs

Hub Services provides support for an upgraded Angular 10 App Catalog and Favorites tab for Windows. Favorites now appears as its own tab when it is enabled. End-users can view, organize, and launch their favorited apps from the Favorites tab. In the App Catalog tab, end-users can access and launch native apps, Web apps, Horizon apps, Citrix apps, and ThinApp packages. End-users can also search for apps, view app details, view categories, and perform other App Catalog capabilities. Both tabs reflect the latest style design elements.

Note: This will be supported on Hub for Windows version 21.05

Removing Support for IE 11 on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Web and Hub Services Admin Console

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Web and the Hub Services console will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) after April 30th, 2021. For the best user experience and to continue to receive new feature updates, we recommend admins and users to use the following browsers to access the Intelligent Hub on Web and Hub Services console:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge (Chromium based)

See KB Article 83271

Custom Tab for Web

A Custom tab can be configured and enabled for the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub on the Web browser view. Admins can add a custom tab that links to their company website or to another resource that they want to share with users. To add a custom tab on the Web, navigate to Custom Tab on the Hub Services console. Enable the Custom Tab feature and then enable it for Web. Admins can define the tab’s title, add the URL of the destination, and select whether the custom tab displays in the first or last position in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Web navigation bar. Admins can also choose to open the link in a new browser tab or in an iFrame embedded inside the Intelligent Hub Web. If admins choose to open the link in an embedded iFrame, a preview of that view is provided to allow admins to ensure that the link will load correctly in an iFrame.

New For You UI: Links, Images, and Videos

Hub Services notification cards in For You can now support displaying a banner in the card containing an image or video. Link objects are now also supported in the notification. Link objects are a new element that can be used to display one or more (up to 10) links inside of a notification card. In order to add one of these elements to the notification, you will need to use the banner or links payload in the body of the notification API call. These new elements are currently not configurable through the notification builder in the admin UI and are only available through API invocation.

Resend Return to Work Notifications Admins can resend previously created Return to Work notifications to ensure that new users added to a target audience group receive the Health Attestation survey. The expiration date of the notification can also be updated to a new date if desired. When a sticky notification is resent, both existing users and new users will see the sticky notification at the top of the For You page in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and changes to the expiration date will apply. To resend a Return to Work notification, navigate to the Notification List in the Notifications tab on the Hub Services console. Intelligent Hub Pixelated Splash Screen Fix The Intelligent Hub splash screen logo no longer appears blurry or pixelated. On the Hub Services console, the company logo tooltip is updated to guide admins and offer a better understanding of image support

First Time User Experience Introduction Screens can be Disabled

While the first-time user experience screens included in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub’s enrollment process can help introduce high-level capabilities of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub such as App Catalog, People, and Notifications to new users, we understand there exists situations where admins might want to turn off the introduction screens. Introduction screens are on by default. Admins can disable them by navigating to the System Settings page in the Hub Services console.  

Onboarding Template Enhancements

As part of the Day0 Onboarding Experience, admins can now enable the full App Catalog experience and Custom home tab for pre-hires via the Onboarding Hub Template. This allows admins to customize and extend the App Catalog experience with features like the Promotions banner that will only apply to the pre-hire user group. In addition, admins can define a Custom Tab to an onboarding-specific website for the Intelligent Hub mobile apps. To configure this, navigate to the Hub Services admin console and create a ‘New Version’ of the App Catalog or Custom Tab and save it. Apply the newly created pre-hire versions to the Onboarding Template by going to Templates > Onboarding > Edit Template and Save.


Web Browser Supported

  • Mozilla Firefox. The latest version.

  • Google Chrome. The latest two versions.

  • Safari. The latest two versions.

  • Microsoft Edge. The latest version.

VMware Product Interoperability Matrix provides details about the compatibility of current and previous versions of VMware products and components.


Hub Services is available in the following languages

English Arabic
Czech Danish
German French
Spanish Italian
Dutch Japanese
Korean Hebrew
Polish Brazilian Portuguese
Swedish Turkish
Russian Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese  


Workspace ONE Hub Services and Workspace ONE Experience Workflows documentation is in the  Workspace ONE Documentation center.

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