Latest Release March 2022

What's in the Hub Services Release Notes

What's New in the March Release

Improved Experience Workflows Error Handling

To improve end user experience and the support experience, Workspace ONE Experience Workflows integration packs will start providing detailed error information when a user-initiated action is not completed successfully.  

Attachment Improvement for Coupa Integration Pack

Coupa tickets can have various attachment types (File, Link, Text) included as part of a requisition. Workspace ONE Experience Workflows integration pack for Coupa has been improved to handle these different attachment types to ensure the approver has all the context required for approving the requisition. 

Accelerated EOL of Legacy Workspace ONE experiences (Workspace One App and Web Portal EOL) on May 15, 2022

For several reasons listed in, we are accelerating the EOL of these legacy experiences to May 15, 2022. Customers who have the Workspace ONE Apps deployed or are utilizing the legacy Web Portal should begin planning the lateral migration to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or look at enabling the new Hub browser experience. 

Workspace ONE Hub Services will be updating its CloudFront domain name on June 15th, 2022

To improve security and ensure that the domain name will only allow for content from Hub Services specific CDN, Hub Services will provide a different domain URL with its destination as the CDN domain. In preparation of this change and to allow Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to continue to load content, please add * to your allow-list by June 15th, 2022. To learn more, please read the following KB article

February 2022 Release

Install Workspace ONE UEM Web Clips (on Windows Hub)

Workspace ONE UEM web clips (deployed through a profile) now have an added option to allow installation by the user. Previously, these web clips were only launchable.

Hub Services Templates changes will update upon App Relaunch or Browser Refresh

When changes are made to Hub Services Template assignments such as priority or reassignment of a template, the new template will be updated on a user’s device when the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app is relaunched or when the Hub portal is refreshed in a browser.

Note: This is currently not supported on all platforms. This will be available on the Hub portal in a browser, iOS version 22.01, Android version 22.01, and macOS version 22.01.

Workspace ONE Hub Services Notification Process Library

If you are building custom workflows in Workspace ONE Experience Workflows, we’ve added a process library that will make things easier! You can now import this new Hub Services Notification Process Library to use either as an abstraction or a starting template for building the logic to send a notification to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app.

Integration Pack Test Connection

We’ve added an in-build process to our existing out-of-the-box integration packs for admins to perform a test connection and ensure the configurations are correct.

Zoom Recording Sharing Integration Pack for Experience Workflows

Hub Services customers with Workspace ONE Experience Workflows enabled can configure an integration with Zoom and Office 365 to notify Zoom meeting hosts when their Zoom recording is available. The notification card will also provide a one-click option to share the recording via the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app to the attendees of the Zoom meeting.

LinkedIn Learning Integration Pack for Experience Workflows

Hub Services customers with Workspace ONE Experience Workflows enabled can now configure an integration with LinkedIn Learning to notify users in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub when new and popular trainings are available.

January 2022 Release

Simplify creating Notifications with Notification Templates

Notification Templates allow admins to save standard or commonly used notification content as a template. Instead of starting from a blank slate, admins can create custom notifications quickly from a notification template. Admins can define new notification templates or save an existing notification as a notification template. To further streamline the notification creation experience, admins can send a new notification by copying an existing notification.

Favorites section does not display if Favorites tab is disabled

If the Favorites tab is not enabled in the admin console, the Favorites section will no longer show on the Hub web.

Saba Learning Integration Pack for Workspace ONE Experience Workflows

Hub Services customers that have Workspace ONE Experience Workflows enabled can now configure an integration with Saba Learning to notify users in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub when a new training has been assigned to them. This notification will contain information about the courses along with a link to the course in Saba.


Web Browser Supported

  • Mozilla Firefox. The latest version.

  • Google Chrome. The latest two versions.

  • Safari. The latest two versions.

  • Microsoft Edge. The latest version.

VMware Product Interoperability Matrix provides details about the compatibility of current and previous versions of VMware products and components.


Hub Services is available in the following languages

English Arabic
Czech Danish
German French
Spanish Italian
Dutch Japanese
Korean Hebrew
Polish Brazilian Portuguese
Swedish Turkish
Russian Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese  


Workspace ONE Hub Services and Workspace ONE Experience Workflows documentation and 2021 release notes are available in the  Workspace ONE Documentation center.

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