The thumbnail bar appears along the bottom of the Workstation Pro window.

Before you begin

If the thumbnail bar is not visible, select View > Customize > Thumbnail Bar.

About this task

For active virtual machines, Workstation Pro updates the thumbnail in real time to show the actual content of the virtual machine. When a virtual machine is suspended, the thumbnail is a screenshot of the virtual machine at the time that it was suspended.


  • Click a thumbnail to show the summary or console view for a virtual machine.
  • Click thumbnails to quickly switch between virtual machines.
  • To change the order of the thumbnails, change the order of the virtual machine tabs.

    Thumbnails appear in the same order as the virtual machine tabs. To move a virtual machine tab, drag and drop it to a new location.

  • To change the virtual machines that appear in the thumbnail bar, select Open Virtual Machines or Folder View Virtual Machines from the thumbnail bar drop-down menu.

    The drop-down menu is a down-arrow on the thumbnail bar.