This feature is only available for Workstation Pro on a Windows host. If you created a connection rule for a USB device to a specific virtual machine or to the host machine, you can delete the connection rule.

Selecting Remember my choice and do not ask again in the New USB Device Detected dialog box creates a connection rule. See Select the Machine a USB Device Connects To. If you no longer want a specified USB device to connect to a specified machine, delete the connection rule by configuring Workstation Pro to forget the rule.


  • Use one of the following methods to delete the connection rule.
    • Select the virtual machine and select VM > Removable Devices > Device Name > Forget Connection Rule.
    • Right-click the icon of the USB device in the Workstation Pro status bar and select Forget Connection Rule.


Workstation Pro is no longer configured to remember the rule. When you plug a USB device into the Windows host, the device no longer automatically connects to the virtual machine. Instead, the New USB Device Detected dialog box appears.