The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager installation method installs SaltStack Config on a single node (server). After installation, a Salt master, SaltStack Config, a Redis database, and a PostgreSQL database all run on this same node.

As it runs, the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager installer for SaltStack Config:

  • Installs Python 3.6 on the node (if it wasn’t previously installed).
  • Installs Salt and its necessary dependencies (if it wasn’t previously installed).
  • Makes this server a Salt master.
  • Applies the Salt states needed to install SaltStack Config.
  • Installs the required versions of PostgreSQL, Redis, and Python Setuptools on the server.

Before you start

Before you begin the installation process, ensure you have read and completed the steps on all pre-installation pages:

Install vRealize Automation

In addition to these prerequisites, you must have a pre-existing installation of vRealize Automation before you begin the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager installation process.

See Which license do you need? for more information about licensing.

Use the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager installer

For a vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager installation, see the following topics in VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager documentation:

What to do next

Once this installation process is complete, you must complete several post-installation steps: