In order to prepare your machines for a standard installation of SaltStack Config, you need to install or upgrade Salt and Python. Salt and Python needs to be present and updated on all nodes that are involved in the installation. The installation will fail if Salt and the installer’s dependencies are not installed on your nodes.


These steps are part of the pre-installation process for a standard installation of SaltStack Config. This guide explains how to install or upgrade Salt on the node that you are using to run an installation. For instructions on how to install Salt on the rest of your infrastructure after the standard installation, see Install Salt on your infrastructure.

Consider also installing Salt on the infrastructure that will be managed by SaltStack Config before you begin your installation. For an explanation of why you are encouraged to install Salt beforehand, see Do you need to install Salt prior to installation?.

Before you start

The pages in the SaltStack Config installation process are intended to be read and followed in a specific order. Before reading this page, ensure that you have first read: