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What Is vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager?

vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager is a cloud utility service, which is now available for all users. If you are a vRealize Cloud Universal or vRealize Network Insight Universal user, this service manages your license consumption across on-premise and cloud services. For on-premise products, vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager integrates with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to monitor the license consumption for the corresponding license keys, and provides billing services for your vRealize Suite products.

vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager allows you to purchase new subscriptions for vRealize Cloud Universal, vRealize Network Insight Universal, or standalone vRealize Cloud services, even if you are not a vRealize Cloud Universal user.

vRealize Cloud Connect is now introduced to migrate your vRealize Network Insight on-premises software to vRealize Network Insight Cloud. For more details, see About vRealize Cloud Connect.

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To learn how to set up and get started with vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager, see Getting Started with vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager.