The Environment widget provides a graphical representation of the data consumption for active subscriptions of your cloud services. You can select the drop-down menu to view the consumption of individual cloud services.


  1. To download the subscription usage data for vRealize Cloud services or vRealize Suite products, click the Export icon, and then select the start and the end date.
  2. Click Export. You can download your export data usage for a maximum period of 100 days.
  3. To upload the vRealize Cloud Universal or vRealize Network Insight Universal license usage reports to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager, click the Upload icon, and then click Next.
    Note: If you are unable to connect to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager can log in to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and then navigate to Locker to download license reports for the license keys of a subscription that are not connected to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager. Do not modify or rename the usage report downloaded from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, as it may cause failure in the import process in vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager. For more information, refer to the Downloading Usage Report for vRealize Cloud Licenses documentation.
  4. Click Choose File to select the usage report, and then click Next.
  5. After the usage data file is successfully processed, you will receive a usage key, which contains encrypted information about offline usage data required for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. Copy and use this usage key in the Locker of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
  6. Click Finish.


  • The uploaded data requires 24 hours to appear in the widgets of the home page.
  • After you have uploaded data, you can download your export data usage for on-premise and Cloud services by clicking the Export icon.