A vRealize Log Insight Agent collects events from log files and forwards them to a vRealize Log Insight Cloud server or any third-party syslog destination.

Note: This topic contains links to the documentation for vRealize Log Insight, which is an on-premise log management solution. These links provide information for installing and configuring agents. Use only the information that is relevant to agents in vRealize Log Insight Cloud.

Configuring Agents

Before configuring a Log Insight Agent, you must finish the following tasks: After deploying a Cloud Proxy and installing the agent, expand the main menu and click Log Sources. Click Log Insight Agent and follow the instructions on the screen to configure the agent.

To configure agents, you can follow the relevant instructions in the vRealize Log Insight documentation for agent configuration.

Managing Agent Configuration

As an administrator, you can centrally manage multiple Log Insight Agent configurations. Select Configuration > vRLI Agents to modify the configuration in the Agent Configuration section and click Save. You can modify the configuration for all agents or select agent groups and filter agents in the group to modify their configuration.

To understand how a central configuration works, you can refer the vRealize Log Insight documentation for centralized agent configuration.

Enabling Auto-Update and Auto-Upgrade

Enabling auto-update lets the active agents automatically download and update their configurations. Enabling auto-upgrade lets the active agents automatically upgrade to the latest available version. To see the latest agent version, in the Log Sources page, click Log Insight Agent. Auto-upgrade supports the upgrade of MSI packages for Windows and RPM and DEB packages for Linux.

For auto-update and auto-upgrade to work for an agent, ensure that the following conditions are met:
  • The agent has an active status.
  • The agent version is 4.3 or later.
  • The agent is not of a Linux BIN package type.
  • The client-side agent configuration has the auto_update flag set to 'yes'.
To enable auto-update and auto-upgrade for all agents, expand the main menu and select Configuration > vRLI Agents. Enable the auto-update of the configuration and auto-upgrade of the version by using the respective toggle buttons in the upper-right corner of the page.
Note: Once enabled, auto-upgrade takes about an hour to finish.