In the Network Map page, you can group multiple entities together for the better management and visibility. In the Network Map page, groups define a set of multiple entities. A group can also contain other groups. Groups are used to organize the entity list and to provide a context to the visualization in the network map. You can also use groups when searching for entities and paths.

vRealize Network Insight automatically creates some types of groups. For example, the system groups virtual entities inside the same physical host. You can also add your own groups, delete groups, and edit existing groups.
Note: You cannot edit or delete system-generated groups.


  1. In the Network Map page, click Edit in the lower-right corner.
    You see Edit Mode in the Network Topology.
  2. To create a group, click Add Group in the lower-right corner, and do the following:
    1. In the Create Group window, in the Name text box, enter a group name.
    2. From the Entities drop-down, select all the entities that you want to add in the group.
    3. From the Color drop-down, select a color for the group, and click SUBMIT.
  3. To delete a group in the lower-right corner, do the following:
    1. Select the group you want to delete, and click Delete Group.
    2. In the Confirm Action window, click Confirm.