You can perform name based application discovery if your VMs and Kubernetes services follow logical naming patterns.


Add logical naming patterns to virtual machines in your VMware vCenter, Azure, AWS, or VMware NSX-T environments.To learn how to discover applications and tiers based on names, see Discovering Applications and Tiers based on VM Names.


  1. From the left navigation panel, go to Applications > Discover.
  2. Select the Names tab.
  3. (Optional) If you have already defined a template using which you want to perform application discovery, select the template from the App discovery templates drop-down menu. The application discovery starts automatically.
  4. Define the scope based on which you want to discover applications and tiers.
    • Select All VMs to see a list of all VMs from all the data sources that are added in vRealize Network Insight.
    • Select Manual Selection and filter the VMs based on the your requirement like account, datacenter, manager, and so on.
      For example, this query limits the discovery of applications to specific regions:
      VMs where Region in ( 'Central US' , 'East US' )
  5. Group applications by VM names using regular expressions based pattern matching.
    • Enter a regular expression of your choice.
    • Click Pattern Builder to define patterns using groups or position of characters in strings.

      1. Select the reference VM name or select a VM from the list to build a pattern or the regular expression based on the VM name.

      2. Click a position or a group to construct a pattern.


        After selecting a group, if you select a character or position, vRealize Network Insight ignores your group selection for building the pattern and vice versa.

        Based on your selections, you see the pattern appearing on the screen. And also, you see the list of applications that match the pattern and the count of VMs in the respective applications and the VM names in the respective applications..

      3. Click Submit.

  6. (Optional) Click Found count Applications see the list of application names, VM names, and the number of VMs that matches the regular expression.
  7. (Optional) Click Unclassified VMs to see a list of VMs that are not following the specified name pattern.
  8. (Optional) Select the Save changes to option to create a template or update an existing template.
    Note: If you are an admin user, you can update all templates. If you are a member user, you can only edit the templates that you had created.
  9. Click Discover.

What to do next

View the applications discovered by names. To learn more, see Viewing Discovered Applications.