You can create regular backups of your custom and the out-of-the-box content in vRealize Operations Cloud. You can use this backup to restore your content or export the content while setting up another environment.

You can take a backup of the following content types available in vRealize Operations Cloud.
  • Alert Definitions
  • Custom Compliance Benchmarks
  • Custom Groups
  • Dashboards
  • Metric Configurations
  • Notification Rules
  • Policies
  • Recommendations
  • Report Templates
  • Report Schedules
    Note: The outbound instances referenced in the report schedules will not be imported along with the report schedule. These outbound instances of the same type with the same name should be added in the destination setup manually before importing the content with report schedules.
  • Super Metrics
  • Symptom Definitions
  • Views


  1. In the Administration page, click Management > Content Management.
  2. In the Export Content tab, click Generate Export Content to create a backup.
    The system compresses the content into one ZIP file.
  3. Click the Download ZIP file link to download the backup content.
    You can use the downloaded content to restore your content or export it to a different setup.