You install and configure vRealize Operations for Horizon software components on machines in your vRealize Operations Manager and Horizon environments.

Note: vRealize Operations for Horizon 6.7 no longer includes a standalone installer for the desktop agent. You must install the desktop agent when you install Horizon Agent. To do so, select vRealize Operations Desktop Agent on the Custom Setup page of the Horizon Agent installation wizard. For more information, see Install Horizon Agent on a Virtual Machine in the Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon 7 document.

The amount of time required to install and configure vRealize Operations for Horizon depends on the number of desktop pools in your Horizon environment. The installation and configuration process typically takes about an hour, excluding download time.


  • Verify that your environment meets product compatibility, hardware, and software requirements. See Preparing for Installation.
  • Verify that VMware Horizon and vRealize Operations Manager are installed, running, and upgraded to the desired version.
  • Verify that a vCenter Adapter instance is configured for each vCenter Server instance in your Horizon infrastructure. The vCenter Adapter is provided with vRealize Operations Manager.
  • Ensure that the vCenter Server configuration in Horizon Administrator is consistent with the configuration on the vCenter Adapter. The vCenter Server must be specified by FQDN in both configurations or by IP address in both configurations.
  • Synchronize the time on all hosts to an NTP server.
  • Obtain a license key for the vRealize Operations for Horizon solution.
  • Download the vRealize Operations for Horizon installation files. See vRealize Operations for Horizon Installation Files.