For further fine-tuning of the management pack settings, you can adjust additional parameters in the adapter's properties file.



The following settings can be found in the file located in the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/emcvmax_adapter3/conf/ folder. You can tune adapter operation by modifying the properties in the file. Any modified properties will be read in during the next collection.

  • request_timeout (default: 15000)Description: The amount of time, in milliseconds, for the API request duration.
  • max_thread_count (default: 5)Description: The maximum number of threads available to each adapter instance for collection.
  • comma_separated_event_blacklistDescription: A comma separated list of strings. When an event message contains one of the strings, it will not be returned to vROps.
  • maximum_number_of_events_to_return_per_collectionDescription: The maximum number of events the adapter will collect per collection cycle.

What to do next

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