VMware offers vSphere+ free trial where you can explore all the vSphere+ capabilities except upgrading the vCenter Server from the VMC Console.

To explore free trial capabilities, you must install vCenter Cloud Gateway and connect your vCenter Server instances to VMware Cloud. You do not need to purchase a subscription or subscribe your vCenter Server to vSphere+.

If you have vSAN clusters in your environment, you can also explore vSAN+ free trial capabilities. If you already completed the vSphere+ free trial, you cannot start vSAN+ free trial.

When the free trial expires, you can no longer access vSphere+. If you do not plan to purchase a subscription, you can uninstall vCenter Cloud Gateway.



  1. Go to the VMC Console at https://vmc.vmware.com.
  2. Under Infrastructure, select vSphere+ > Learn More.
  3. Click Try vSphere+ for Free.
    The VMware Cloud Services login page opens.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your VMware Cloud account by using your existing VMware account credentials. If you do not have a VMware account, create an account now.
  5. On the Organization page, enter the required details to create an Organization or select an existing one, and click Complete.
    The vSphere+ launchpad opens.
  6. Under Infrastructure, select vSphere+ > Learn More > Get Started.
    The Journey page opens.

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