VMware offers vSphere+ free trial where you can explore all the vSphere+ capabilities.

To explore free trial capabilities, you must install VMware Cloud Gateway and connect your vCenter instances to VMware Cloud. You do not need to purchase a subscription or subscribe your vCenter to vSphere+.

If you have vSAN clusters in your environment, you can also explore vSAN+ free trial capabilities. If you already completed the vSphere+ free trial, you cannot start vSAN+ free trial.

When the free trial expires, you can no longer access vSphere+. If you do not plan to purchase a subscription, you can uninstall VMware Cloud Gateway.


  • Ensure that your vSphere environment meets all the requirements. See vSphere+ Requirements.
  • Log out from the VMware Cloud Console.


  1. Go to the VMware Cloud Console at https://vmc.vmware.com.
  2. Under Infrastructure, select vSphere+ > Learn More.
  3. Click Start Trial.
    The VMware Cloud Services login page opens.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your VMware Cloud account by using your existing VMware account credentials. If you do not have a VMware account, create an account now.
  5. On the Organization page, enter the required details to create an Organization or select an existing one, and click Complete.
    The vSphere+ launchpad opens.
  6. Under Infrastructure, select vSphere+ > Learn More > Get Started.
    The Journey page opens.

What to do next

  • Review the instructions on the Journey page, and click Get Started to install VMware Cloud Gateway and connect your vCenter instances to VMware Cloud. See Connect Your vCenter.
  • When you are ready to purchase a subscription, contact a VMware sales representative or a VMware partner. See Purchase Subscriptions.