The vSphere+ subscription includes VMware Tanzu® Standard Runtime™ and VMware Tanzu® Mission Control™ Essentials. VMware Tanzu provides a full stack of capabilities for modernizing your applications and infrastructure to continuously deliver better software to production. The VMware Tanzu portfolio simplifies multi-cloud operations, and allows developers to easily access the resources they need to build modern applications.

VMware Tanzu Standard Runtime
After you subscribe your vCenter with vSphere+, you can configure vSphere with Tanzu.
By using vSphere with Tanzu, you can turn vSphere clusters to a platform for running Kubernetes workloads in dedicated resource pools. Once enabled on vSphere clusters, vSphere with Tanzu creates a Kubernetes control plane directly in the hypervisor layer. IT administrators can set up a self-service Kubernetes infrastructure for DevOps engineers and configure them with specific amount of memory, CPU, and storage. DevOps engineers can then run containerized applications by deploying vSphere Pods, VMs, or even create upstream Kubernetes clusters through the VMware Tanzu™ Kubernetes Grid™ and run their applications inside these clusters. For more information, see Installing and Configuring vSphere with Tanzu.
VMware Tanzu Mission Control Essentials
Tanzu Mission Control Essentials provides a set of essential capabilities to organize your Kubernetes clusters and namespaces for scalable operations, and secure them with access control policies.
From the Tanzu Mission Control console, you can see your clusters and namespaces, and organize them into logical groups for easier management of resources, apps, users, and security. For more information, see the VMware Tanzu Mission Control documentation.
To launch Tanzu Mission Control Essentials from the VMware Cloud Console, click the services icon The Services icon, consisting of 9 square dots arranged in a square at the top right of the window and select VMware Tanzu Mission Control.