VMware Tanzu Mission Control™ is a centralized management platform for consistently operating and securing your Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications across multiple teams and clouds.

Available through VMware Cloud™ services, Tanzu Mission Control provides operators with a single control point to give developers the independence they need to drive business forward, while ensuring consistent management and operations across environments for increased security and governance.

Use Tanzu Mission Control to manage your entire Kubernetes footprint, regardless of where your clusters reside.

Want to know what is new in the current release of Tanzu Mission Control? Read the VMware Tanzu Mission Control Release Notes.

Learn About Some of the Tanzu Mission Control Features

Bring all of your Kubernetes clusters together to monitor and manage them from a single console backed by an API-driven service.

Attach your clusters to your organization, whether they reside in a public cloud, inside your private data center, or even on your desktop.

When you connect a cloud provider account, you can also provision resources and launch a new cluster using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid directly from Tanzu Mission Control.

Separate the concerns of infrastructure management from application admin and development. Your infrastructure managers organize and control your clusters using cluster groups, while allowing your application administrators and developers to manage namespaces using workspaces.

Secure your clusters using policies that can be applied at the individual, group, or organizational level to control access, image registries, networking, and more.

Exercise your control over your fleet of clusters using the CLI, API, or interactive console.

Read VMware Tanzu Mission Control Concepts to get an overview of how you can manage your fleet of Kubernetes clusters using Tanzu Mission Control. Then take a pass through Getting Started with Tanzu Mission Control for a brief hands-on tour of some commonly-used features of Tanzu Mission Control.

Explore Tanzu Mission Control Videos

Learn about how Tanzu Mission Control helps you manage modern applications across a fleet of Kubernetes clusters hosted on multiple cloud providers by reading the documentation, and by watching videos on the VMware Cloud Native Apps YouTube channel.

Learn More About Tanzu Mission Control

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  • Follow Cloud Native Apps on Twitter and stay up-to-date with the latest news about running Kubernetes and open source technology on VMware, and managing your deployments with Tanzu Mission Control.
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Use Tanzu Mission Control Documentation

See the latest Tanzu Mission Control documentation set, that includes the following documents:

The Tanzu Mission Control documentation reflects the latest content describing the service. This content is updated regularly to provide the most current information available.

You can also create custom documentation collections, containing only the content that meets your specific information needs, using MyLibrary.