You can use vCenter Single Sign-On with Windows Session Authentication (SSPI). You must join the Platform Services Controller to an Active Directory domain before you can use SSPI.

Before you begin

  • Join the Platform Services Controller appliance or the Windows machine on which Platform Services Controller is running to an Active Directory domain. See Add a Platform Services Controller Appliance to an Active Directory Domain.

  • Verify that the domain is set up properly. See VMware Knowledge Base article 2064250.

  • If you are using vSphere 6.0 and earlier, verify that the Client Integration Plug-in is installed.

  • If you are using vSphere 6.5 and later, verify that the Enhanced Authentication Plug-In is installed. See vSphere Installation and Setup.

About this task

Using SSPI speeds up the login process for the user who is currently logged in to a machine.


  1. Navigate to the vSphere Web Client login page.
  2. Select the Use Windows session authentication check box.
  3. Log in using the Active Directory user name and password.
    • If the Active Directory domain is the default identity source, log in with your user name, for example jlee.

    • Otherwise, include the domain name, for example,