With a single operation, configure bandwidth allocation on multiple virtual machines that are connected to a specific network resource pool, for example, after you upgrade Network I/O Control to version 3.



  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the distributed switch.
  2. On the Configure tab, expand Resource Allocation.
  3. Click Network resource pools.
  4. Select a network resource pool.
  5. Click Virtual Machines.
    A list of the VM network adapters that are connected to the selected network resource pool appears.
  6. Select the VM network adapters whose settings you want to configure and click Edit.
  7. From the Shares drop-down menu, set the relative priority of traffic from these virtual machines in the scope of the physical adapters that carry the traffic.

    Network I/O Control applies the configured shares when a physical adapter is saturated.

  8. In the Reservation text box, reserve a minimum bandwidth that must be available to each VM network adapter when the virtual machines are powered on.

    If you provision bandwidth by using a network resource pool, the reservation from the network adapters of powered on VMs that are associated with the pool must not exceed the quota of the pool.

  9. In the Limit text box, set a limit on the bandwidth that each VM network adapter can consume.
  10. Click OK.