Notifications that Update Manager downloads are displayed on the Notifications tab of the Update Manager Administration view.


Connect thevSphere Web Client to a vCenter Server system with which Update Manager is registered, and on the Home page, click Update Manager icon.


  1. In the Home view of the vSphere Web Client, select the Update Manager icon.
  2. From the Objects tab, select an Update Manager instance.
    The Objects tab also displays all the vCenter Server system to which an Update Manager instance is connected.
  3. Click the Monitor tab.
  4. Click the Notifications tab.
  5. To view the notification details, double-click a notification.
  6. To check for notifications immediately, click Check Notifications on the upper right of the notifications list.
    You immediately download all new notifications that are available on the VMware website. The notifications are downloaded even if the Enable scheduled download check box is not selected in Manage > Settings > Notification Check Schedule.