At regular time intervals, Update Manager contacts VMware to download information (notifications) about patch recalls, new fixes, and alerts.

In case patches with issues or potential issues are released, the patch metadata is updated, and Update Manager marks the patches as recalled. If you try to install a recalled patch, Update Manager notifies you that the patch is recalled and does not install it on the host. Update Manager notifies you if a recalled patch is already installed on certain hosts. Update Manager also deletes all the recalled patches from the patch repository.

When a patch fixing the problem is released, Update Manager downloads the new patch and prompts you to install it to fix the issues that the recalled patch might cause. If you have already installed a recalled patch, Update Manager alerts you that the patch is recalled and that there is a fix you must install.

Update Manager supports patch recalls for offline bundles that you have imported. Patches from an imported offline bundle are recalled when you import a new offline bundle. The file contains information about the patches that must be recalled. Update Manager removes the recalled patches from the patch repository, and after you import a bundle containing fixes, Update Manager notifies you about the fixes and sends email notifications if you have enabled them.

If you use a shared repository as a source for downloading patches and notifications, Update Manager downloads recall notifications from the shared repository to the Update Manager patch repository, but does not send recall email alerts. For more information about using a shared repository, see Use a Shared Repository as a Download Source.

Note: After a download of patch recall notifications, Update Manager flags recalled patches but their compliance state does not refresh automatically. You must perform a scan to view the updated compliance state of patches affected by the recall.