If you are using a load balancer for high availability for vCenter Single Sign-On or Platform Services Controller, you must verify that it is supported and configured correctly before upgrading to vCenter Server 6.5.

In environments with less than four vCenter Server systems, VMware typically recommends a single Platform Services Controller instance and the associated vCenter Single Sign-On service. In larger environments, consider using multiple Platform Services Controller instances, protected by a network load balancer. The white paper vCenter Server 6.0 Deployment Guide on the VMware website discusses this setup. For current information on maximums, see the Configuration Maximums.

See http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2112736 for vCenter Single Sign-On high availability compatibility matrix.



  1. Review the vCenter Server 6.0 Deployment Guide documentation for load balancing information.
  2. If your load balancer is not supported, replace it with a supported load balancer.
  3. Verify that the load balancer is correctly configured based on recommendations in vCenter Server Deployment Guide.