If you have existing license keys in your vCenter license inventory that are combined, divided, upgraded, or downgraded in My VMware, use the generated recommendation Combined_Divided_Upgraded_and_Downgraded_License_Keys.csv report to manually remove these license keys.

When you add license keys to your vCenter license inventory that the system proposes on the Add license keys page of the Import License Keys Data wizard, and after you complete the wizard, you update your vCenter license inventory with new license keys and license keys that are replacement for some inactive keys in your vCenter license inventory. An inactive key is a key that is combined, divided, upgraded, or downgraded. To complete the replacement of inactive keys with new keys from My VMware, you must manually remove the keys that the Combined_Divided_Upgraded_and_Downgraded_License_Keys.csv report indicates as inactive.


Verify that you have the Combined_Divided_Upgraded_and_Downgraded_License_Keys.csv report that is only available to download on the Ready to complete page of the Import License Keys Data wizard.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Administration, and under Licensing, select Licenses.
  2. Select the Licenses tab.
  3. Open your Combined_Divided_Upgraded_and_Downgraded_License_Keys.csv file and locate the Inactive Key in Use in vCenter column.
  4. View the inactive key in the .CSV file, select that same key in the Licenses tab in the vSphere Web Client, click the Remove Licenses icon, and click Yes.

    You can only remove a license if it is not assigned.

    The inactive license key is no longer in your vCenter license inventory and the inventory now only contains up-to-date keys from My VMware.

What to do next

To use product features, assign the licenses to assets after you add your license keys to your vCenter license inventory.