After you import the .CSV file that you generate in the My VMware reports section to your vCenter license inventory, the system analyzes the license keys details in that .CSV file and compares the information with the information in your current vSphere environment. Based on the results from the .CSV file analysis, the system might generate recommendation reports that you can download and use to manually update your vSphere license inventory.


The recommendation reports are only available on the Ready to complete page of the Import License Keys Data wizard. Download the reports to manually perform the recommended actions.

For information how to remove from your vSphere license inventory existing license keys that have been combined, divided, upgraded, or downgraded in My VMware, see Remove License Keys That Have Been Combined, Divided, Upgraded, or Downgraded

For information how to manually upgrade your assets, change your license assignments, and remove license keys from your vCenter license inventory that have upgrade keys available in My VMware, see Upgrade License Keys in Your vCenter License Inventory