The types of users involved in the process of creating and monitoring Kubernetes volumes in the vSphere Cloud Native Storage environment generally fall into two categories, a Kubernetes user and a vSphere administrator. Both types of users have access to different tools and perform different tasks.

CNS Kubernetes User

The Kubernetes user might be a Kubernetes developer and an application owner, a Kubernetes administrator, or combine functions of both. The tasks that the Kubernetes user performs in the Cloud Native Storage environment include the following:

CNS vSphere User

A CNS vSphere user, or a vSphere administrator, has access to the vSphere Client to perform the following tasks:
  • Perform life cycle operations for the VM storage policies. For example, create a VM storage policy to be used for a Kubernetes storage class and communicate its name to the Kubernetes user. See Create a Storage Policy.
  • Use the Cloud Native Storage section of the vSphere Client to monitor health and storage policy compliance of the container volumes across the Kubernetes clusters. See Monitor Container Volumes Across Kubernetes Clusters.