You can use vCenter Single Sign-On with Windows Session Authentication (SSPI). You must join the Platform Services Controller to an Active Directory domain before you can use SSPI.

Using SSPI speeds up the login process for the user who is currently logged in to a machine.


  • Join the Platform Services Controller appliance or the Windows machine on which Platform Services Controller is running to an Active Directory domain. See Add a Platform Services Controller Appliance to an Active Directory Domain.
  • Verify that the domain is set up properly. See the VMware knowledge base article at
  • If you are using vSphere 6.0 and earlier, verify that the Client Integration Plug-in is installed.
  • If you are using vSphere 6.5 and later, verify that the Enhanced Authentication Plug-In is installed. See vCenter Server Installation and Setup.


  1. Navigate to the vSphere Client login page.
  2. Select the Use Windows session authentication check box.
  3. Log in using the Active Directory user name and password.
    • If the Active Directory domain is the default identity source, log in with your user name, for example jlee.
    • Otherwise, include the domain name, for example,