When setting up your host to boot from iBFT iSCSI, install the ESXi image to the target LUN.


  • Configure iSCSI boot firmware on your boot NIC to point to the target LUN that you want to use as the boot LUN.
  • Change the boot sequence in the BIOS so that iSCSI precedes the DVD-ROM.
  • If you use Broadcom adapters, set Boot to iSCSI target to Disabled.


  1. Insert the installation media in the CD/DVD-ROM drive and restart the host.
  2. When the installer starts, follow the typical installation procedure.
  3. When prompted, select the iSCSI LUN as the installation target.
    The installer copies the ESXi boot image to the iSCSI LUN.
  4. After the system restarts, remove the installation DVD.