You can install and use UMDS to download patch binaries, patch metadata, and notifications if Update Manager does not have access to the Internet. The machine on which you install UMDS must have Internet access.

Note: You cannot upgrade UMDS 6.0 or UMDS 6.5 to UMDS 6.7. You can perform a fresh installation of UMDS 6.7 according to all system requirements, and use an existing patch store from UMDS 6.0 or UMDS 6.5. You can install UMDS only on 64-bit machines.

Installing UMDS 6.7 in an Environment With Update Manager 6.7 Instances Only

In the UMDS 6.7 installation wizard for Windows, you can select the patch store to be an existing download directory from an earlier UMDS 6.0 or UMDS 6.5 installation and reuse the applicable downloaded updates in UMDS 6.7. You must uninstall existing UMDS 6.0 or UMDS 6.5 instances before reusing the patch store. Once you associate an existing download directory with UMDS 6.7, you cannot use it with earlier UMDS versions.

If you install UMDS with an existing download directory, make sure that you perform at least one download by using UMDS 6.7 before you export updates.

Installing UMDS 6.7 in an Environment With Both Update Manager 6.0 and Update Manager 6.7 Instances

You must not install UMDS 6.7 with an existing UMDS 6.5 download directory if your environment contains both Update Manager 6.5 and Update Manager 6.7 instances. In such a case, you need a UMDS 6.5 and a UMDS 6.7 installation on two separate machines, so that you can export updates for the respective Update Manager versions.

Regardless of the version, you must not install the UMDS on the same machine as the Update Manager server.