You can combine multiple upgrade baselines into a virtual machine baseline group.

Note: You can click Finish in the New Baseline Group wizard at any time to save your baseline group, and add baselines to it at a later stage.


  1. Use the vSphere Web Client to log in to a vCenter Server Appliance, or to a vCenter Server system with which Update Manager is registered.
  2. In the Home view of the vSphere Web Client, select the Update Manager icon.
  3. From the Objects tab, select an Update Manager instance.
    The Objects tab also displays all the vCenter Server system to which an Update Manager instance is connected.
  4. Click the Manage tab.
  5. On the Baselines tab, click Create new baseline definition group.
  6. Enter a name for the baseline group, and click Next.
  7. For each type of upgrade (virtual hardware and VMware Tools), select one of the available upgrade baselines to include in the baseline group.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Review the Ready to Complete page, and click Finish.


The new baseline group is displayed in the Baseline Groups pane.