A baseline group consists of a set of non-conflicting baselines. Baseline groups allow you to scan and remediate objects against multiple baselines at the same time.

You can perform an orchestrated upgrade of the virtual machines by remediating the same folder or datacenter against a baseline group containing the following baselines:

  • VMware Tools Upgrade to Match Host
  • VM Hardware Upgrade to Match Host

You can perform an orchestrated upgrade of hosts by using a baseline group that contains a single host upgrade baseline and multiple patch or extension baselines.

You can create two types of baseline groups depending on the object type to which you want to apply them:

  • Baseline groups for hosts
  • Baseline groups for virtual machines

Baseline groups that you create are displayed on the Baselines and Groups tab of the Update Manager Client Administration view.

If your vCenter Server system is connected to other vCenter Server systems by a common vCenter Single Sign-On domain, and you have more than one Update Manager instance, baseline groups you create are not applicable to all inventory objects managed by other vCenter Server systems in the group. Baseline groups are specific for the Update Manager instance that you select.