You can run a pre-check to verify that the migration requirements are met and resolve any problems before migration of your vCenter Server deployment.

Before migrating your vCenter Server deployment to an appliance, you can run a pre-check to find out the disk space requirement, the estimated upgrade time, and the extensions registered with the vCenter Server appliance. Running pre-upgrade is an optional but highly recommended step when planning your upgrade.


Prepare JSON Configuration Files for CLI Migration using the example templates and configuration parameters.


  1. Verify your template without deploying the appliance by entering the command: vcsa-deploy migrate --verify-template-only path_to_json_file.
  2. Run CLI Migrate using the --precheck-only option.
    You can adjust your migration plans using the disk space requirements and estimated migration time. If you receive an error, you can troubleshoot and resolve the problem before the actual migration.
  3. After resolving any errors, run the CLI Migrate command using the --verify-template-only option again until all errors are resolved.


You are now prepared for an error-free CLI migration process.

What to do next

Perform a CLI Migration of vCenter Server from Windows to an Appliance.