You check the cluster compliance against an image to understand how each of the hosts in the cluster compares to the specified image.

When you perform the check compliance operation on an object that contains multiple clusters that you manage with a single image, for example a data center or vCenter Server instance, vSphere Lifecycle Manager performs compliance checks on all those clusters.


Verify that you have the proper privileges. See vSphere Lifecycle Manager Privileges For Using Images.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to a cluster that you manage with a single image.
  2. On the Updates tab, select Hosts > Image.
  3. In the Image Compliance card, click the Check Compliance button.


The Image Compliance card displays information about the overall number of non-compliant and incompatible hosts in the cluster. The Image Compliance card also displays a list of all hosts that are not compliant with the image for the cluster, so that you can view detailed compliance information about those hosts. The information panel appears on the right.

What to do next

Remediate the cluster to make the non-compliant hosts compliant. See Run a Remediation Pre-Check for a Cluster and Remediate a Cluster Against a Single Image.