vCenter Server includes a utility, sso-config, for managing authentication services.

Use the sso-config utility for management tasks that the vSphere Client does not support, or to create custom scripts for your environment.

Table 1. CLIs for Managing Authentication and Associated Services
CLI Description Links
sso-config Command-line utility for configuring the vCenter Server built-in identity provider. Refer to the sso-config help by running -help, or see the VMware knowledge base article at for usage examples.
service-control Command for starting, stopping, and listing services. Run this command to stop services before running other CLI commands.


Enable SSH login to vCenter Server. See Manage vCenter Server with the Management Interface.


  1. Log in to the vCenter Server shell.
    Usually, you have to be the root or Administrator user. See Required Privileges for Running CLIs for details.
  2. Access the sso-config utility at following default location.
    The required privileges depend on the task that you want to perform. Sometimes, you are prompted for the password twice to safeguard sensitive information.

    The service-control command does not require that you specify the path.