After you enable remote streaming, vCenter Server starts streaming and only the newly generated events are streamed to the remote syslog server.

All syslog messages begin with a specific prefix. You can distinguish the vCenter Server events from other syslog messages by their Event prefix.

The syslog protocol limits the length of syslog messages to 1024 characters. Messages that are longer than 1024 characters split into multiple syslog messages.

In the syslog server, events have the following format:
<syslog-prefix> : Event [eventId] [partInfo] [createdTime] [eventType] [severity] [user] [target] [chainId] [desc]
Item Description
syslog-prefix Displays the syslog prefix. The <syslog-prefix> is determined by the remote syslog server configuration.
eventId Displays the unique ID of the event message. The default value is Event.
partInfo Displays whether the message is split into parts.
createdTime Displays the time when the event was generated.
eventType Displays the event type.
severity Displays whether the event is a piece information, a warning, or an error.
user Displays the name of the user who generated the event.
target Displays the object the event refers to.
chainId Displays information about the parent or the group ID.
desc Displays the description of the event.

Split of Long Event Message into Multiple Syslog Messages

Events that are longer than 1024 characters split into multiple syslog messages in the following manner:
<syslog-prefix> : Event [eventId] [1-X] [payload-part-1]
<syslog-prefix> : Event [eventId] [2-X] [payload-part-2] 
<syslog-prefix> : Event [eventId] [X-X] [payload-part-X]

The X stands for the number of the event message parts.