Configure iSCSI boot parameters, so that your ESXi host can boot from an iSCSI LUN.


  1. From the Fast!UTIL Options menu, select Configuration Settings > iSCSI Boot Settings.
  2. Before you can set SendTargets, set Adapter Boot mode to Manual.
  3. Select Primary Boot Device Settings.
    1. Enter the discovery Target IP and Target Port.
    2. Configure the Boot LUN and iSCSI Name parameters.
      • If only one iSCSI target and one LUN are available at the target address, leave Boot LUN and iSCSI Name blank.

        After your host reaches the target storage system, these text boxes are populated with appropriate information.

      • If more than one iSCSI target and LUN are available, supply values for Boot LUN and iSCSI Name.
    3. Save changes.
  4. From the iSCSI Boot Settings menu, select the primary boot device.
    An auto rescan of the HBA finds new target LUNs.
  5. Select the iSCSI target.
    If more than one LUN exists within the target, you can select a specific LUN ID by pressing Enter after you locate the iSCSI device.
  6. Return to the Primary Boot Device Setting menu. After the rescan, Boot LUN and iSCSI Name are populated. Change the value of Boot LUN to the appropriate LUN ID.