With vSphere 6.5 and later, VMware offers the Synchronize Licenses feature that you can use to import license keys and license key data from Customer Connect to your vSphere environment.

The Synchronize Licenses feature helps you keep your vCenter Server license keys data synchronized with the license keys data in Customer Connect. To import license keys data, you use a .CSV file that you generate in the Customer Connect reports section. After you import the .CSV file, you can view the Customer Connect data in the License List and the License Summary.

With the import feature, you can complete the following tasks:
  • Add or update Customer Connect license keys details, such as notes, custom labels, contracts, orders, and so on, in your vCenter license inventory.
  • Add license keys from Customer Connect to your vCenter license inventory.
  • Identify any license keys in your vCenter license inventory that have been combined, divided, upgraded, or downgraded in Customer Connect to help you with license compliance.