You can enable a private image registry on a Supervisor Cluster through the Registry Service. One cluster can have one instance of a private image registry. All namespaces on a Supervisor Cluster are represented as projects in the private registry. The Registry Service is available only for vSphere Pods, therefore it works only with Supervisor Clusters that are configured with the NSX-T Data Center networking stack.

As a vSphere administrator, you enable the private image registry on the Supervisor Cluster. You provide the URL to the user interface of the private image registry to DevOps engineers, who can perform secure login with the Docker vSphere credential helper and Docker push and pull images to projects in the private image registry. Once an image is pushed to a project in the private image registry, DevOps engineers can deploy vSphere Pods from it.

In case DevOps engineers report that too many images are stored for a project, as a vSphere administrator you can purge the images for that project in the private image registry. Purging the images from a project deletes all references to these images, but does not delete them from the vSphere datastore. Every Saturday at 2 AM, the garbage collector service deletes all images from the entire private image registry that are not referenced by applications.