Download the embedded Harbor Registry root CA certificate so you can use it to connect clients to the registry.

To log in to the embedded Harbor Registry using a Docker client, you must install the root CA certificate on that client.


This task assumes that you have installed and configured Docker on a client host machine. In addition, the embedded Harbor Registry must be enabled. See Enable the Embedded Harbor Registry on the Supervisor Cluster.


  1. Download the embedded Harbor Registry certificate. There are two ways to do this.
    • Using the embedded Harbor Registry Console interface.
      • Log in to the embedded Harbor Registry Console using the URL. See Log In to the Embedded Harbor Registry Console.
      • Click the project link at the Projects > Project Name page.
      • Select the Repositories tab.
      • Click Registry Certificate.
      • Save the ca.crt certificate file to your local machine.
    • Using the vSphere Client.
      • Select the vCenter cluster where Workload Management and the embedded Harbor Registry are enabled.
      • SelectConfigure > Namespaces > Image Registry .
      • In the Root certificate field, click the link Download SSL Root Certificate.
      • Save the root-certificate.txt file to your local machine.
      • Rename the file to be ca.crt.
  2. Copy the embedded Harbor Registry ca.crt file that you downloaded to the appropriate directory on a host where Docker is installed. The default certificate location differs depending on the type of OS that the Docker client is running.
    • Linux
    • Mac OS
      security add-trusted-cert -d -r trustRoot -k ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain ca.crt
    Note: If you do not install the ca.crt in the default location, you can pass the --tlscacert /path/to/ca.crt flag when you log in using the vSphere Docker Credential Helper.
  3. Once the import is complete, restart the Docker daemon.
    • Linux
      sudo systemctl restart docker.service
    • Mac

      Use the Docker Desktop menu option Restart Docker, or the command R keyboard shortcut.

What to do next

Install the vSphere Docker Credential Helper and Connect to the Registry