If the Subscribed Content Library reaches capacity, you can migrate a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster to use a new library with additional storage capacity.

When the vSphere administrator creates a Subscribed Content Library, the administrator specifies a datastore for storing library contents, in this case OVA files. Over time as more Kubernetes versions are distributed, the Subscribed Content Library will expand in size as OVA files are added for each update. While there is no explicit capacity on the Subscribed Content Library, it is limited by its datastore capacity.

If the Subscribed Content Library reaches capacity, you might see the message Internal error occurred: get library items failed for. In this case you can migrate the Tanzu Kubernetes cluster to a new Subscribed Content Library to increase storage capacity. The migration is done by a vSphere administrator using the vSphere Client.


  1. Create a new Subscribed Content Library with sufficient capacity for the target cluster. See Create, Secure, and Synchronize a Subscribed Content Library for Tanzu Kubernetes releases.
  2. Log in to the vCenter Server using the vSphere Client.
  3. Select Menu > Hosts and Clusters.
  4. Select the vSphere Cluster object where the Supervisor Cluster containing the Tanzu Kubernetes cluster is provisioned.
  5. Select the Configure tab.
  6. Select the Namespaces > General > option in the navigation panel.
  7. Click Edit beside the Content Library section in the main panel.
  8. Select the new Content Library you created and click OK.
    This action triggers the update to the cluster configuration.
    Note: After you modify the Content Library, it might take up to 10 minutes for the Tanzu Kubernetes cluster to pick up the change from the Content Source.