Clustered VMDK support is only possible with the following limitations:

  1. Cluster in a Box (CIB) configuration is not supported.
  2. Spanned VMFS datastores cannot store clustered VMDKs.
  3. A physical LUN with a clustered datastore cannot have any additional VMFS datastores.
  4. On-line Storage vMotion and snapshots are not supported.
  5. Only disks with 512 sector size are supported.
  6. VMFS5 and earlier are not supported for storing clustered VMDKs.
  7. Only datastores connected through Fibre Channel (FC) are supported in this release.
  8. Clustered VMDK datastore cannot be used as an ESXi installation disk.
  9. Diagnostic partition is not supported on disks that are marked clustered.
  10. SCSI-2 reservations are not supported on clustered VMDKs.
  11. Hot expansion of a VMDK that is associated with a clustered VM is not supported.
  12. Moving more than one node of WSFC to the same ESXi host is not allowed and causes vMotion to fail. You must use anti-affinity DRS Rules to separate VMs and nodes of the cluster on different ESXi hosts.
  13. Cloning and Fault Tolerance are not supported.