Checkout how to install Contour as a Supervisor Service on the Supervisors in your vSphere with Tanzu environment. Once installed, you can use Contour as Ingress controller for you applications. Contour is also a requirement for running Harbor as a Supervisor Service.


  • Verify that you have the Manage Supervisor Services privilege on the vCenter Server system where you add the services.
  • Verify that you have upgraded to vCenter Server 8.0a or higher. Contour and Harbor Supervisor Services are supported with vCenter Server 8.0a and higher.


  1. Go to the Contour Versions section of the Supervisor-Services repository and download the following files:
    • The Contour service definition, the link is named Contour vX.X.X.. For example Contour 1.18.2
    • The Contour configuration file, the link named values for vX.X.X. For example values 1.18.2
    The resulting files are:
    • contour.yml
    • contour-data-values.yml
  2. In the vSphere Client go to Workload Management , and select Services.
  3. Deploy the service operator of Contour by clicking Add New Service and uploading the contour.yml service definition.
    A window confirming the upload of the contour.yml file
    When the Contour operator is successfully deployed, it's service card appears in the Services tab. A window showing the Contour service card available after the operator is installed
  4. Now that the Contour operator is deployed, you can install the Supervisor Service on Supervisors.
    1. In the Contour service card, select Actions > Install on Supervisors.
    2. Select a Supervisor and in YAML Service Config copy and paste the contents of the contour-data-values.yml file without changing the default values.
    3. Click OK.
      Once the installation begins, you can track it by clicking the Supervisors field on the Contour service card. It might take a few seconds until the number next to Supervisors increments. The service is in Configuring state until the desired state is reached. When the desired state is reached, the state of the service changes to Running. A window showing the installation progress of Contour.


Once Contour is installed, a vSphere Namespace created for the service instance as well as the corresponding vSphere Pods are deployed: A window showing the vSphere Pods installed from the Contour service instance

You can also view the IP address of the Envoy service that you can map to domain names in an external DNS server that is configured with the Supervisor. You can use the mappings to provide Ingress for your applications through Contour. You can view the Envoy IP address from the Network option of the Contour vSphere Namespace:A window showing the IP address of the Envoy service

What to do next

If you want to use Harbor as a Supervisor Service to provide a registry for your workloads, you can install the service and configure it for use with your workloads. See Installing and Configuring Harbor on a Supervisor in vSphere with Tanzu.